Why we’re involved

Heritage Open Days are an opportunity to discover hidden treasures, that tell stories of our past – and maybe reveal insights into our future

Karen Fitzsimmons, Owner of Stardust Years in Winchester

Our church buildings are witness to the faithful presence of God, and story-keepers of the life of the communities they continue to serve. Although many are open daily, Heritage Open Days are a chance to see some really special ones.

Revd. Karen Kousseff Area Dean, Winchester Deanery

I was delighted as the 817th Mayor of Winchester to open Abbey House, the Mayor’s official residence, for Heritage Open Days. Over the two days we welcomed more than 800 people to this historic Winchester landmark.

Jane Rutter, Mayor of Winchester in 2016/7

Heritage is stories, all our stories, and this year, more than ever before, Heritage Open Days is a celebration of that.

Annie Reilly, Manager, Heritage Open Days

Let’s open the doors! Heritage Open Days is an exercise in public consciousness. You can’t love and protect something unless you know about it!

Loyd Grossman CBE FSA

Winchester is a place with a huge historic heritage. We are delighted to be playing a part, and look forward to future opportunities also.

Tim Hands, Headmaster, Winchester College