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There is always time for tea!

It feels like only yesterday, but in fact the 2017 festival was 6 months ago. Which means of course there are now only 6 months to go before this year’s festival!

Work is well underway preparing for this year’s festival, and a big thank you to all our new volunteers who are helping us as well Mike Hall PhotographyWinchester Bloggers and City of Winchester Trust. There are still a few volunteer roles vacant, and so if you can spare a few hours every week to help us with fundraising, administration and/or social media campaigns then please get in touch today.

The main focus for the team at the moment is securing funding and confirming venues and events for this year. Some of the events that have already been confirmed look amazing, and we can’t wait to see what else is put forward this month.

Towards the end of March and throughout April we will be formally registering all events, so that work on our printed programme can commence in May. And then over the summer we will be out and about promoting the festival. Our work never stops, but it is so much fun and there is always time for tea – Join us!DSCN0250

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