Festival Spotlights

This morning was very exciting

As this morning I collected from Hyde 900 the encaustic tile I made at one of the Heritage Open Day workshops. Several hundred people visited the excellent exhibition in the Cathedral Close, and over 70 of us attempted to make a medieval tile. The youngest was aged 4 years and the oldest, well that would be telling!

It was a fascinating process, and we were guided every step of the way by master tiler Roger Harris and other members of the Hyde 900 team.

Hyde 900 have ample evidence of tile fragments (see here) from Hyde Abbey which, as they say in that paper, provide an excellent insight into the riches, vibrancy and evolutionary nature of the Abbey. The tiles below are not from the Abbey but are examples of encaustic tiles that can be found still in Winchester.

Now my tile is not as splendid as these, however for a very first effort I thought it not bad. And the memories of the fun I had making it will remain with me for ever, and my tile will hopefully last even longer!

Huge thanks again to Hyde 900 for many of the photographs in this post and also to everyone from Hyde900 who volunteered over the four days, whether you helped set up, pack up, take photographs or ran the exhibition space and workshop. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and it is evident from all of the feedback that everyone else who attended did too!

Thank you also to Mike Hall of Mike Hall Photography for his wonderful photographs which I have used in this post.

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