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‘Small Visions’ for Winchester

Last weekend I was reading the City of Winchester Trust’s December TrustNews and an article by Richard Baker caught my eye. Richard puts forward a number of ‘Small Visions’ which would, in his opinion, enrich parts of our city. Each idea Richard’s proposed isn’t that radical, but if implemented would have a significant and very positive impact on our beautiful city.

Area in front of HCC and Sussex Street car park
Richard’s vision for the front of the car park/HCC offices on Sussex Street  – trees and planting are introduced to soften the appearance of the hard and unattractive paved area

The Trust want to collate more ‘Small Visions’ for the whole of our city, which they would then campaign for as part of their Strategic Vision for Winchester for the next 10 to 15 years. I am sure that you also have a ‘Small Vision’ for where you live and/or work in Winchester, and so I thought I’d promote their campaign on our website too. Perhaps your small vision is as simple as stopping parking on pavements, or maybe there is an area you think should be traffic free or perhaps a plot of waste land could benefit from some work. Whatever your idea this is your opportunity to share it with an organisation who not only can help publicise it, might also be able to help make it happen. 

Before I explain though how to submit your ‘Small Vision’ let me tell you a little bit more about the City of Winchester Trust. (If you are a member then feel free to scroll down to the bottom of the page to submit your ‘Small Vision’ today!)

Space in front of the law courts
Richard’s vision for the space in front of the Law Courts  – the introduction of purpose and activity into this large and underused area.

The Trust was set up in 1957 as the Winchester Preservation Trust in response to the wholesale destruction of the historic ‘Brooks’ area of the city. Since then, thanks to the engagement and support of their many members, they have played a leading role in saving many of our historic buildings. You can find out more on their achievements here.


Junction of Cranworth Road and Stockbridge Road
Richard’s vision for Junction of Cranworth Road and Stockbridge Road
– this area of unused land is used to construct a stairway to provide a safe route between the Station and Peter Symonds College.

Their main aim today is to seek to conserve the character of the City of Winchester and its surrounding area by preserving and protecting its buildings, spaces and artefacts, and sponsoring and encouraging new building, redevelopment, landscaping and conservation in accordance with the highest architectural standards.


I have listed only a few of Richard’s ‘Small Visions’ here. There are ten in total. if you would like to see the full list and as well as more details on the Trust’s plans for Small Visions visit the TrustNews

Otherwise why not submit your own ‘Small Vision’ today. You can use the form below to send an email directly to the Trust, or you can write to them – The City of Winchester Trust Ltd, The Heritage Centre, 32 Upper Brook Street, Winchester, SO23 8DG.


logo2Thank you again to John Stanning. Richard Baker and Tessa Robertson of the City of Winchester Trust for allowing me to re-post their article on our website. And if you were wondering about the small dragon in my header photograph he can be found with others on the High Street, but do you know where?!

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