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A new walking tour for this year’s Heritage Open Days

We’re delighted to share that we have a new event for you – Walking Tour of Winchester’s Historic Sites and Best Real Ale Pubs with Tom Hallett. Tilly and TomYou won’t find this tour in the printed programme as it is such a new event. Tom is a Hampshire writer and lifestyle blogger writing about beer, food and drink, getting outdoors and more. If you have not come heard of Tom before then do visit Tom’s blog. His walking tour designed especially for us is for over 18years only. It will combine sightseeing with local beer in some of the city’s best real ale pubs. It includes sights such as Winchester Cathedral, the Great Hall, both of the historic gateways to the old city and the sites of two ancient abbeys. We think it is going to be excellent, and we are not the only ones to think this as of today there only 6 places left on the tour  – click here to book to join Tom

We also have some other news for you today! We are pleased to share that the booking office for the Hyde 900 encaustic tile workshops has now opened. Hyde900 Medieval encaustic tileThese are going to be brilliant, as not only can you discover their history and how they were made, but you can go yourself at making them in the medieval manner! The workshops are taking place every day over the Heritage Open days weekend, and pre-booking is essential. There are max of 6 places per hourly session, and these workshops are suitable for adults and children – click here to book on workshop.

PS Tilly probably won’t be joining Tom on the walking tour, but we had to share the lovely picture of them both!

3 thoughts on “A new walking tour for this year’s Heritage Open Days”

    1. It does sound good doesn’t it Jo – you should come down as there are so many walking tours planned over the 4 days. We’d love to see you then – unfortunately I won;t be able to put you up then but there is a B&B just around the corner from our house if you did 🙂


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