Hidden Winchester

Is this the oldest post-box in Winchester?

Is what I thought to myself yesterday when I was strolling past as the most of the ones I have seen are either George or Elizabeth. And it would seem it probably is! These wall boxes first appeared in the 1880s and continued to be made until 1965. They were known as ‘Ludlow wall boxes’ as the main manufacturer was the now-defunct company of James Ludlow & Son of Birmingham. However Winchester’s Ludlow wall box is a rare example of one made by E R Cole of Birmingham, as of the 450 Ludlow style that still exist apparently there are only two known examples of E R Cole’s work.circa 1890

This is not the only unusual post-box we have in Winchester. We also have a Edward VIII box. As you can imagine there are not many with his initials. Not only was he King for less than a year, but following his abdication most were modified or replaced.

I am not too sure how many of the 800 types of post-box we have here in Winchester, nor do I know how many post-boxes there in fact in Winchester. There are over 115,000 in the UK so we probably have quite a few.  Here are some of the ones I have spotted. As you can see most of our boxes were created in the reigns of King George VI and our current queen.

If you are interested in learning more about the British post-box then visit this website run by the Letter Box Study Group. And if you know of an older post-box or perhaps another unusual one in Winchester or one of the surrounding villages let us know. Even better share a pic with us via instagram, twitter or in the comments below.

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