Hidden Winchester

Treasure Your Treasures

What an extraordinary year 2016 was for a variety of reasons – some good, some amazing and some perhaps best forgotten! One of the more positive events that happened was of course Heritage Open Days, and here in Winchester it was extra special in 2016. Thanks to Nicky Gottlieb, the local Heritage Open Day programme really took off last year with around 40 buildings open free of charge to the public. As Nicky discussed with the Hampshire Chronicle:

We’re incredibly lucky to have such a beautiful city brimming with many cultural and heritage assets . . . .we should be singing it from the rooftops.

Nicky is so right, and thanks to the many individuals who volunteered their time to run events and open the doors of Winchester last year’s Heritage Open Day weekend was a great success. Not sure there was singing from the rooftops but there was certainly dancing in St John’s House and hundreds of people got involved with Treasure Your Treasures.

Hampshire Regency Dancers
Photograph by Mike Hall

Were you one of the amazing volunteers who helped make it such a success? Did you attend any of the events or visit any buildings last year? If yes to either question, do let us know what were your favourite parts of last year’s Heritage Open Days by leaving a comment below. And if you work in an interesting building which you’d love more people to know about and see, then do get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.

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